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Launch Creader V (Code: Creader V)

Launch Creader V

The Launch CreaderV covers all current protocols, EOBD, OBD 2, CAN, LIVE DATA.

- Supports multiple code retrieval including generic, pending and manufacturer specific enhanced code sets
- Retrieves generic P0,P2,P3,U0 and extended codes for P1,P3 and U1
- All current OBD2 protocols covered, VPW/PWM/ISO9141-2/KWP200 plus CAN BUS
- Displays I/M readiness on screen
- Can access freeze frame data and live monitoring of the O2 sensors. Also stored pending data
- Will give accurate status of the engine check light
- Fault code definitions are displayed on the screen no need to reference a manual
- Cannot damage the vehicles ECU and is simple to use
- Comes with USB connecting cable to enable the unit to be updated

Easy to use with all faults displayed on the screen. One click and the faults are cleared! Engine light off! Job done! 

Live data display in graphical form   

The following data streams are available:
- Intake air temperature
- Mass air flow
- Throttle position
- OBD test system
- MIL distance
- Calculated load
- Coolant temperature
- Intake M.A.P
- Engine speed
- Vehicle speed 


All cars with the OBD2 system

Old price £75.00
Price: £67.50
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Launch Creader V user Manual PDF. Download

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