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G Meter Electronic Brake Meter (Code: )

G Meter Electronic Brake Meter

The g-meter is a portable brake tester or decelerometer that is designed to be used for statutory annual MOT brake performance testing of Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI & VII vehicles in accordance with the Motor Vehicle (Tests) Regulations 1981, as amended. The g-meter can also be used for the statutory MOT brake performance testing of Heavy Goods Vehicles in accordance with the Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) Regulations 1988, as amended.
• Readings are shown on a bright LED display as Brake Efficiency in percent
• Self aligning automatically sensing the direction of travel.
• Portable and easy to use
• Self contained, no external connections required.

For testing motorcycles please use our TME0505 Adaptor Straps.
We also offer a calibration service as these units need to be re-calibrated every 2 years.

Price: £295.00
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