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Vag Tacho USB 2.5 (Code: Vag Tacho)

Vag Tacho USB 2.5

VAG Tacho USB 2.5

Bosch/Motometer dashes for VW 2001-2003 years V07.04, V07.05, V07.08, V07.13 (with scan for 2'nd pass)
Audi A4,A6,A8 separate immo box 1994-1999 read PIN code,and read/write eeprom!
Audi A3,A4,A6,TT, New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (1998-2003 year) read PIN code / change mileage!
New Beetle Magnetti Marelli M73 (2001 to 2005 year) read PIN code Almost all VDO dashes for VW/Seat/Skoda up to year 2004 read/write eeprom!
Almost all VDO dashes for Audi up to year 2001 read/write eeprom!
Almost all MotoMeter dashes for VW/Seat up to year 2001 read/write eeprom!
Automatic functions: Change mileage, Read PIN code !
All this by using car OBD connector!
Without disassembly dash or immo box from car!

Commands for VAG:
Select ECU from Menu File :

User can save and read files to / from program memory buffer.
Connect Any Tacho button
Connect Selected ECU
Read Info
Read PIN
Change Mileage
Stop Action
Read eeprom
Program New Key
View memory buffer
Clear ECU errors
Write eeprom

Price: £39.95
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